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serving crisp, clean, and refreshing purified water to our neighbors in the Hampton Roads Virginia Beach area


The Multinational Companies

Companies like Deer Park, Crystal Springs along with all their other labels constitute the pinnacle of big corporate concepts loaded with extra unnecessary steps involved in getting their product to the consumer. They have bought out dozens of regional and local companies, many of who were the major players in their area. When I describe these problems I am referring to the office and home segment using 3 and 5 gallon bottles you be the judge. If gas from Texas were sold to Americans for 2 dollars per gallon how much would you buy from Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Venezuela for 3.5 a gallon? Not much I bet.


Water H2oles Concepts

The Water H2Ole wants no wasted motion, just efficiency from the back to the front. Here’s what we do to save money and what makes up the most efficient water company in Hampton Roads.
Three Step Process

  1. Unload empty bottles from truck and into bottle washer

  2. Fill sanitized bottled which goes down conveyer to truck and loaded

  3. Placed on customer’s porch or office, empties picked up. All done in one building located in Virginia Beach.

Multi-national companies process water in several different states. They have a processing plant at spring sites and Reverse Osmosis plants in other states. The water is trucked from these plants to distribution centers. Then the water is handled so many more times, driven hundreds of miles, before it is even loaded on the delivery trucks. Finally, the empties are shipped back for cleansing and refill...This makes quite a difference in price as you will see.

Our Water

We start with Virginia Beach Municipal water and pass it through Sediment Filtration. Then it passes through a water softener and then to high pressure pumps where we produce 200 p.s.i. as it enters the Reverse Osmosis membranes. This removes bacteria living and dead, virus, heavy metals, down to 4 parts per million. The water then passes through 4 solid block coconut carbon filters to remove chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Just prior to bottling, the water passes though a final ultra-violet purifier. This concept produces some of the purest water available. We aren’t the only people using this method, whoever uses it also produces great water.



The Water H2ole, Inc. is a Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE) certified Small, Woman and Minority owned (SWAM) Business. Certification #691356

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