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serving crisp, clean, and refreshing purified water to our neighbors in the Hampton Roads Virginia Beach area



We offer a variety of options and services.

Do you want bottled water for the work place? The home?

How about an under-the-sink reverse-osmosis (R/O) water system? These units provide purified water that is free of chemicals, viruses, and things such as chlorine, lead, and arsenic.  These systems can supply water to any of the following sources; a separate decorative faucet at the sink, refrigerator door water dispenser, icemaker, or point-of-use (P.O.U.) water cooler.

P.O.U water coolers are an excellent option for people who love water from a cooler, but don’t like dealing with big bulky bottles. These coolers have an optional hot water dispenser as well. These are also a great choice for businesses with large water usage, because the monthly rental fee of the equipment can be considerably less than the cost of the bottles they may use.

Certain installation requirements are needed so call the office for details and pricing.
We also offer three gallon bottles. These bottles can be convenient for people who have trouble lifting the larger five gallon bottles. Like the rest of our bottles, they come with the spill-proof cap.

We also have three gallon bottles with a built-in faucet! We’re the only bottled water company in Hampton Roads to offer this. These are extremely convenient for camping trips, countertops, or even place them directly in the refrigerator. About the only items we don’t carry are single serving water bottles. Wouldn’t it be better to reuse anyhow? It’s certainly cheaper!

Along with all these options, The Water H2ole, Inc. has the most flexible, prompt, and responsive delivery service around. 

Residential Services Available: We offer a variety of options and services.

Reverse-Osmosis under sink option:
This is the most cost-effective way to provide your family with purified water. This piece of equipment has a faucet at the sink and hooks up to your icemaker and dispenser door refrigerator. The under sink R/O removes chlorine, ammonia, pesticides, herbicides, lead, mercury, arsenic, bacteria and viruses (both living and dead) and more. With this equipment you have some of the purest water known to man at your fingertips!

5 gallon and 3 gallon bottles:
Custom delivery service… here’s how it works. We want to deliver a minimum of 3- 5 gallon or 5-3 gallon bottles each time we deliver. We don’t’ require you to buy water each month, only when you need it. Phone the number on the bottle once you have placed your last bottle on the cooler. We will deliver the same day if you call before 8am or the following business day. We replace your empties with fulls.

Pick up at the plant:
5 gallon and 3 gallon bottles
Call and place your order. Come to the plant and turn in your empties and pick up your fulls. Bottles are already sanitized with new caps and filled with purified or distilled water, your choice. Our price is 50cents per gallon. Of course you have the option of going to Lowe’s, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, or Home Depot and paying $1.40 a gallon. Save. Save. Save!!!

Commercial Services:

Point of Use Coolers and R/O Systems for offices
This equipment eliminates bottles, which take up space and allows you to save a lot of money. Rent, rent to own or purchase are the options available. Contact us for more information.

There is a one-time bottle deposit of $6 per bottle. This is refundable deposit that should you ever discontinue for any reason.

  • Deliveries- Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and call-in
  • No long-term contracts. These are for company’s who’s prices are sky high or who do not service their customers very well. A visit to our customer review page will show you why we don’t have to try and lock you in. If you are not happy, we are not happy
  • No missed delivery penalties
  • Call before 8am and receive a delivery that day for no extra charge!
  • Clean and understandable invoicing system
  • No 1-800 numbers and no dealing with strangers who don’t know you or your needs
  • Quick and responsive to service needs
  • No monthly minimum requirements for water… you only get what you need
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff with answers to your water questions
  • Reverse osmosis water and distilled water for drinking and distilled and deionized water for industrial applications
  • One gallon distilled and deionized for medical/dental equipment. Etc.

The Water H2ole, Inc. is a Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE) certified Small, Woman and Minority owned (SWAM) Business. Certification #691356

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