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Q and A

Q: Should water be used as a source of nutrition?
A: No. Anything added to pure water makes it something other than water. A liquid, yes, but not water. Juice is a liquid, wine is a liquid, beer is a liquid, and water is water. By design, water flushes toxins from our system, lubricates our bodies, cools our bodies, and balances electrolytes. Minerals contained in water are virtually impossible for the body to assimilate and use. The body uses minerals from vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy products, and grains to get its nutrition. Take your body weight and divide by two. The number you get is how much water you should drink minimally each day for optimum health.

Q: Which water is the most pure…spring, distilled, , or reverse-osmosis?
A: Distilled and reverse-osmosis are consistently the purest. Spring water is subject to outside contamination and cannot be filtered. The term “natural spring water” means nothing generally has been done except ozonization to eliminate bacteria. Because of outside contamination, suitable springs are generally away from the potential hazards. The further away, the more expensive water one could have. At today’s gas prices the concept of trucking spring water or filling bottles at spring sites doesn’t make economic sense especially because the water isn’t purer. At The Water H2ole, Inc. we use the most efficient and reliable purification available today. Virginia Beach municipal water comes in the back of our plant and is either Heat Distilled or purified by reverse-osmosis. It then moves to the bottling room where it is bottled then down conveyors to waiting delivery trucks. The whole process is only 80 feet long with no gas, no truck drivers, no 18-wheelers, no maintenance expense, just savings to you, the customer. Example: Deer Park and Crystal Springs’ prices range from $7.99 to $9.75 per 5 gallon bottle plus $2-$3 gas delivery surcharges. We put it on your doorstep at $4.50-$5.75 per 5 gallon bottle with a $1 gas delivery surcharge. Call us at 422-9991 to get the purest and best tasting water and save 30%-50%. Tidewater’s only 5 star bottled water company.

Q: Do the filters in refrigerators improve the quality of the water that passes through them?
A: Refrigerators filters without a doubt are one of the biggest rip-offs and misunderstood products in America. They are proprietary and require changing every 6 months at $35-$75 a piece. Their design is faulty. Much of the cost is in the outer housing, which does nothing to improve your water and throw it away. The small amount of carbon contained in the outer housing allows chlorine and other chemicals to begin bleeding through after just a few weeks. These filters do not address heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and many other problems associated with water. Our heart sinks every time someone tells me they have solved their water problem. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Q: How pure is our tap water?
A: To begin to answer this question, one must understand the three problems associated with potable drinking water. They are:

  1. Microorganisms (bacteria, virus)
  2. Chemicals, chemical compounds, pesticides, and herbicides
  3. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, iron, etc.

Take some time and Google “chlorine” and see for yourself whether or not we should be drinking this chemical. Of course, The Water H2ole, Inc. has an opinion and it is completely different from that of the government, who by the way sells your water. Always remember only one-half of one percent of the water used in a home is used for cooking and drinking. Why doesn’t the government in all of its wisdom admit that for human consumption the water could be greatly improved? In years past, the founder of our company, Jake Steele, was certified by the Water Quality Association and has for over thirty years been considered a leading authority and pioneer in the water industry. Call him with your questions at 422-9991.



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